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  The Basics for Your Membership Site  

The first thing you’ll do is determine who your market it is. We are going to assume you’ve completed this step and so now you know it’s time to decide how you are going to build and set up your members website. You have two options for launching depending on just how advanced you’d like to take your membership site. We will look at both.

Sales Page
Creating a simple sales page is a great way to begin. You’ll start by creating your site and once that’s done you will put your sales page up with all the features/benefits that your membership site has to offer. It’s pretty easy. If you have already created a test sales page then you don’t even need to create this. Your sales page can even include a video. Just try to make it as easy as possible and make sure it’s useful to your potential customers.

Sales Funnel
A sales funnel has the same focus and goal as your simple sales page does. The goal is to sell as many new memberships as you can. However, a sales funnel does this differently. With a sales funnel you create a squeeze page to capture all the email addresses and then you funnel them into your sales funnel. This lets you send out regular email mailings – daily, weekly, monthly – to introduce the a lunch of new products. You capture these email addresses by offering new stuff like videos, ebooks, etc that appears to have high value – something you would be able to sell if you wanted to. This is more time consuming and complicated, but at the end of the day, it’s also far more effective for building a long term residual income month after month.

You will need to decide which one you think is better for you. You can start with the simple sales page and then later switch to the sales funnel if you feel you need more time to understand and be able to create what you need for this.

Don’t hold up your launch because you are messing around with your giveaway for your funnel. Just create an effective, simple sales page and start to grow your list and make some money. If you wait too long, there’s a good chance someone else will come along with the same product idea as yours and steal your thunder!

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