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  How You Can Build a Successful Membership Site  

Have you been thinking about building a membership site? If you answered yes, you are jumping on the bandwagon with many others – you definitely are not alone. There’s been a growing interest in these types of sites. So if building a successful membership site is your goal, you’ll want to read on.

Marketing Your Site
In large your success is based on how well you can market your site. The very first thing you need to do isn’t build your site, but rather it’s build your list. Then you can build trust with those subscribers using an autoresponder. Use both a sequence and take advantage of your blog by emailing the updates to them regularly.

Next, you will introduce those individuals on your list to the option of joining your membership site. This model is a successful one because lots of people like to be your subscriber and take advantage of your free updates. Some of your more serious followers will want to take advantage of moving to the next level – your membership service. It makes sense to present this option after these individuals are already hooked on the information you provide them.

Great, once you convert them to a member you need to keep them there. In fact, retention is the most difficult task you’ll undertake. Use this checklist to help with retention.
#1 Do ongoing updates to your member’s area content.
#2 Offer your members superior support either on a Facebook page, through your membership forum or through email.
#3 Offer your members access to something that they will see as useful as they move forward – this could be software, an app, tools, etc. This is an excellent way to keep your members.

Building a membership definitely takes some time and initially it requires a great deal of effort as well – no one said setting up a successful membership site was easy. However, one the site is up and running and you have a stable membership running such a site is really quite enjoyable and it requires very little effort on a week to week basis, but it does generate a repetitive income.

The key is to not over complicate things. Keep things simple and you’ll be much better off. If you are inspired to start your own membership site, you now have some great tips to get you started. So what are you waiting for?

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